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Thank you to all who auditioned! We were thrilled hear you sing. This was the largest number of students to audition and the largest amount of talent we have seen.
There are 2 auditioned choirs - both meet MTWThF 12:30-1:20.  Concert Choir is the select small chamber ensemble.
Collegiate Chorale is the select large choral ensemble.
Please prepare this piece for the callback audition.
Have a printed/digital copy to sing from.
Prepare the voice part you feel fits you the best.
Please be aware that is not necessarily the part you may be assigned.
You will be asked to sing the excerpt unaccompanied and individually.
Please also bring your calendars, because required dates will be provided in order to determine membership for each group.
Tenor/Bass callback will be
Wednesday 12:30-1:20pm in Kirmser Hall (204 McCain).
Soprano/Alto callback will be
Thursday 12:30-1:20pm in Kirmser Hall (204 McCain).
You should plan to be at callbacks for the entire 50 minutes (although it may run shorter).
The following people are being considered for Concert Choir or Collegiate Chorale and need to be present for the respective callback time listed above.

Berry, Brahm

Boldt, Payton

Butler, Lorenzo

Carpenter, Sam

Childs, Joshua

Davenport, Abbi

DeBow, Brooke

Featherston, Anna

Grochowsky, Erin

Handy, Elizabeth

Hutson, Katie

Iacovella, Emma

Kirchner, Sam

Lansdowne, Emma

Moore, Amy

Muirhead, Erin

Paxton, Lydia

Peery, Ashley

Phillips, Ayanna

Pope, Spencer

Ramsey, Talia

Robison, Matthew

Roe, Davis

Scheuler, Jake

Schultz, Olivia

Shields, Dalton

Sultz, Sarrah

Sweatt, Jacob

Taylor, Brittany

Teer, Ryan

Thomas, Jacob

Todd, Claire

VanDyke, Sydney

Wareham, Marley

Wedel, Sammi

The following people are being considered 
for Collegiate Chorale or Women's Choir.
There is no callback required.  

Ballesteros, Kayleigh

Bedford, Paden

Boyd, Codie

Carr, Sarah

Coon, Colin

Curry, Emma

Demaree, Grace

Dulitz, Masie

Eldridge, John

Engel, Taylor

Falke, Shannon

Fischer, Chloe

Gaddis, Kristin

Gates, David

Gehrs, Christian

Grote, Morgan

Hatfield, Billy

Henderson, Andrew

Hodge, Cameron

Jones, Josie

Keller, Sarah

Kollmeyer, Amelia

Lansing, Kayla

Lawrence, Matthew

LeDuc, Kayla

Lingo, Josh

McCabe, Morgan

McGehee, Meghan

Miller, Harrison

Mohan, Matt

O'Brien, Mackenzie

Parish, Lydia

Parr, Annalise

Pierce, Joseph

Poulson, Isaiah

Price, Timothy

Quick, Peyton

Rice, Parker

Riddell, Nathan

Rodecap, Presley

Rodriguez, Justin

Rose, Shannon

Rosencutter, Austin

Rumback, Kourtney

Russell, Zack

Sierra, Rio

Snyder, Blaine

Spicer, Hunter

Stottmann, Michelle

Thomas, Bryson

Unruh, Dillon

Volk, Kinsey

Waters, Katrina

Willenbring, Jake

Worgul, Halla

Wright, Rachel

Rosters for all choirs will be posted here
on Thursday, August 23 by 8pm. 
Concert Choir and Collegiate Chorale will begin meeting
on Friday, August 24, 12:30-1:20pm.
Concert Choir will report to All Faiths Chapel.
Collegiate Chorale will report to Kirmser Hall (204 McCain).
Women's Choir will begin meeting
on Monday, August 27, 2:30-3:20pm
in Kirmser Hall (204 McCain).
If you have questions - please email RJ Leonard at
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