Manhattan, KS

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Carpenter, Samantha
Clark, Kayla
Fish, Megan
Flessner, Sara

Grochowsky, Erin
Haffner, Kathryn
Helt, Abby
Knoles, Katie

Loepp, Tori
Mallory, Catie
Mankin, Ellie
Martino, Lizzy
Moore, Amy
Moos, Ryan
Patterson, Hannah
Peery, Ashley

Price, Emma

Ptacek, Mika
Ramsey, Talia
Raine, Emily

Sommers, Kathryn

Tysick, Ashleigh
Velasco, Leilani
Wedle, Sammi

Bandy, Anthony

Conway, Tyler
Cowley, Alec

Edwards, Brenton
Fletcher, David
Guyton, Sammy
Harper, Sam
Hernandez, Ryan
Hutchison, Oliver

Lingo, Joshua
McIntire, Spencer
Meier, Craig
Sandidge-Lacy, Dominic
Sweatt, Jacob
VanCamp, Kolby

Williams, Marcel
Wilson, Sam

ALL vocal music majors who were previously enrolled in Concert Choir are required to attend Concert Choir callbacks in addition to the vocal music majors listed below.  


If you are non-vocal music major listed below you have the option of participating in the Concert Choir callback.


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